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Investment Focus Areas

The FMCG industry is one of the largest and most competitive industries in the world, with companies constantly striving to innovate and bring new products to market. FMCG industry continues to grow and evolve, driven by changing consumer preferences and emerging markets.



The trend towards sustainable and environmentally-friendly products is expected to continue, with consumers increasingly seeking out products that have minimal impact on the environment

Health and wellness

The trend towards health and wellness is expected to continue, with consumers increasingly seeking out products that offer functional benefits such as immunity-boosting or stress-reducing properties.


The shift towards digital channels for FMCG sales and marketing is likely to accelerate, with companies investing in e-commerce, social media, and other digital platforms to reach consumers


With consumers leading increasingly busy lives, the demand for convenient and time-saving products is likely to grow.

The real estate industry is a complex and dynamic sector that reflects the changing needs and preferences of society. As the global economy continues to evolve, the industry is likely to remain a critical driver of economic growth and development, with new trends and innovations shaping the way that we live, work, and play.

Real Estate TRends

Remote Work

The pandemic has accelerated the trend towards remote work leading to increased demand for homes with home offices or dedicated workspaces, as well as for homes in more affordable, less dense areas that offer a better quality of life.


The trend towards sustainability is expected to continue in the real estate industry, with more developers and builders incorporating sustainable materials and technologies into their projects.


Technology is rapidly changing the real estate industry, with more companies using virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and other digital tools to market and sell properties.

Multifamily Housing

Multifamily housing: With more people choosing to rent rather than buy homes, the demand for multifamily housing is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

The agriculture industry is a complex and vital sector of the global economy, playing a critical role in meeting the basic needs of humanity. As the industry continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges and opportunities, it will remain an essential part of our social and economic fabric for generations to come.

Agriculture TRends

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration in the agriculture industry, as consumers and policymakers demand more environmentally-friendly practices.

Digital Agriculture

Digital agriculture: Advances in technology are transforming the agriculture industry, with innovations such as precision farming and digital monitoring systems improving efficiency and yields.

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming: Vertical farming is an innovative approach to agriculture that involves growing crops in vertically stacked layers, often indoors or in urban environments.

Plant-based Proteins

Plant-based proteins: With concerns about the environmental impact of meat consumption on the rise, plant-based proteins are becoming an increasingly popular alternative

The blockchain industry is a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector with enormous potential for innovation and growth. As more businesses and individuals embrace blockchain technology, we can expect to see new applications and use cases emerge, with the potential to transform numerous industries and create new opportunities for economic and social development.

Blockchain TRends

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has emerged as a major use case for blockchain technology, with applications in areas such as lending, borrowing, and trading.


One of the challenges facing the blockchain industry is the lack of interoperability between different blockchain networks. In the next five years, we can expect to see increased efforts to develop interoperability protocols that enable different blockchain networks to communicate and exchange value

Digital Identity

Blockchain technology offers a secure and decentralized approach to digital identity verification, which has numerous applications in areas such as healthcare, finance, and voting.


The energy consumption associated with blockchain technology has been a concern for many, therefore we can expect to see increased efforts to develop more sustainable blockchain networks, with a focus on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry is a rapidly evolving sector that is transforming the way we live and work. At its core, AI involves the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, and decision-making.

AI TRends

Increased Adoption Of AI in Healthcare

AI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by enabling faster and more accurate diagnoses, personalized treatment plans, and improved patient outcomes.

Development Of Explainable AI

One of the challenges associated with AI is the lack of transparency in how it arrives at its decisions. We can expect to see increased development of explainable AI systems, which provide a clear and understandable rationale for the decisions they make.

Continued Growth Of Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of AI that enables computers to understand and interpret human language. We can expect to see continued growth in NLP applications, particularly in areas such as chatbots, voice assistants, and virtual customer service agents.

Increased Focus On Ethical AI

As AI technology becomes more advanced, there is a growing concern about the ethical implications of its use. We can expect to see increased focus on developing ethical AI frameworks and regulations.

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LEVANTIS means dairy and surprising specialties, prepared here, in Romania, based on traditional recipes from Levant, one of the most fascinating areas in Middle East.

The Investment Power House is a hybrid-equity entity; with a mission to leverage our value-creating experience.

The Four Seasons team is made up of professionals, all specializing in the rent of apartments or holiday homes that specialize in short or medium stay.

iBrain is an international software development nearshoring and consulting company.

SUSTIDO GmbH offers innovative, advanced and sustainable solutions for investors and end consumers in the fields of constructions, livings and 100% secure investments according to ESG taxonomy.

ÖBB-Werbung GmbH offers all the possibilities of modern outdoor advertising: the rental of advertising media of all kinds, the implementation of production, assembly and disassembly of the subject as well as the development of individual advertising solutions.

Menergeticum is a modern reinterpretation of a centuries-old recipe from East Asian natural history. A completely natural means of supporting male strength.

Blue Point Holding is a leading global holding company with a diversified portfolio of businesses across various industries. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Blue Point Holding invests in companies that have the potential for growth and expansion.

Blue Point Holding is a leading global holding company with a diversified portfolio of businesses across various industries. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Blue Point Holding invests in companies that have the potential for growth and expansion.

Mag. Martina Kadam is an expert accounting and consulting firm that provides businesses with top-notch financial solutions. With years of experience, it offers personalized services to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether it’s tax planning, financial reporting, or business consulting.

Elen Invest Holding is a multifaceted company that specializes in event management, real estate, and property management. With a team of experts, Elen Invest Holding offers comprehensive solutions to clients looking to organize events, buy or sell properties, or manage their property portfolios.

TRADETHRON is a dynamic consulting firm that provides innovative solutions to businesses across various industries. Specializing in strategic planning, financial analysis, and marketing, TRADETHRON helps its clients improve their performance, achieve their goals, and gain a competitive advantage