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Blue Point Holding Ltd. - high quality goods direct from

Austrian & European producers!

Blue Point Holding works with: 

Italian Coffee / Austrian Energydrink / Austrian Apple-Pie Juice / Austrian
high professional Sportdrink / European Nutritions / geffervescent tablets,
coated tablets, vitamin powder sticks, Multivitamines, Calcium, Magnesium,
stevia sweeteners, wallpapers, machine-lines, ...

Our goods a listed in more than 10.000 selling points in Europe!

All goods are direct from us, or our Austrian and/or European partners.

We offer also machine-lines for industrial-productions.

Our effervescent tablets and drinks are market leaders in central Europe. We are also „private label“
producers, so we have our own research and developing departement, but are also able to work as
a contract manufacturer.

Please check also our webside www.delsanto-europe.biz 

We hold offices, relationships, cooperations and wholesalers in:

+ UAE, Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Jordania, Palestine, Egypt, Lybia, Marocco, Algeria, …

+ Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Turkey, Poland, …

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